How To Register:

1) Please read our Statement of Faith. All MHN members are required to sign this statement of common belief as part of the registration process. If you find that MHN would be a good fit for your family from a faith standpoint, please fill out the Contact Us form as completely as possible. We always start with an email or phone call.


2) We encourage prospective members to come to the Visitor Days in November (to join Spring Session) or March /April (to join Fall Session) to see how the co-op runs and if it would be a good fit for your family. 


3) If you are still interested, we do a family interview so that we can get an idea of what your family needs, what you have done in the past, and be better able to advise you on which core class level would be best for your child(ren). 


4) If the prospective family and the Planning Committee both feel that membership would benefit both parties, you will be placed on the waiting list for our next new member registration window.