Q: Are there fees to be a part of this co-op? 

A yearly registration fee of $110 is required for new member families. This fee covers your whole family for one school year. The registration fee for current members is $100. 

Class fees vary by instructor and class, but typically follow these guidelines: 

Elementary: $25-$50

Middle School: $55-$70 

High School: $75-$150 

Class fees are paid TWICE per school year: once in August before Fall Session, and once in January before Spring Session. 

Q: What does your calendar look like? 

We have two sessions: 12 weeks in the fall, a large break, and then 12 more weeks in the spring. High school classes run 30 weeks. The extra weeks are done completely online so that families do not have to travel just for their high schoolers during our bad weather season. 

Q: Are your instructors Christian and do they follow Christian programs? 

Our instructors are required to sign our Statement of Faith. All instructors are member parents of MHN or people we personally know from the community. 

Our instructors choose their own curriculum, but all curriculum choices must be approved by the Planning Committee and conform to the Statement of Faith. 

Q: Do I need to teach? 

No, you are not required to teach. However, you are required to be a helper each hour that you have children in attendance at MHN. You will be assigned a classroom, the nursery, or Study Hall each hour, usually with your youngest child. However, if you have an older child that needs your attention, you may request to be in a specific classroom. 

Q: Can I drop my children off for classes? 

No, you must be on site any time your children are on campus. 

Q: Do we have to stay all day? 

No, you may choose which class(es) work for your children and your overall homeschooling plan. If your child has a gap between classes, you may leave campus as a family, study independently with your child, or put your child in Study Hall (always supervised by parents). 

Q: Will I have any other responsibilities? 

Yes, each family is assigned a job such as cleaning whiteboards, vacuuming, emptying trash, etc. We will work with your schedule (if you are not staying all day) and your family dynamics to assign these tasks. Each staying parent also serves twice a year as a playground attendant. 

Q: May I be involved with a parent partnership program, and still attend MHN? 

No, your child may not be part of any public school alternative learning or satellite program, either on a part- or full- time basis. 

Q: Will this program satisfy all my requirements for homeschooling? 

Only you can know that. MHN can be a valuable resource for you, but we do not monitor the educational pursuit of the individual member families. MHN instructors will communicate clearly what their classes will provide, and that will assist you as you tailor your child’s schedule and load to best fit your family’s needs. 

Q: Is there a way to visit the co-op to see how it works? 

Yes! We offer Visitor Days in the fall and in the spring. 

Q: How do I get more information or sign up to come to Visitor Days? 

First, please read our Statement of Faith and be sure that you agree with each point. This is the foundation of our co-op. Then, please use the “Contact Us” form and be specific about the information you are seeking. We will get back to you as soon as possible, usually within one day.