MHN offers:
  • Academic classes to fulfill high school requirements.
  • Children 8 years old and older,with an academic focus, may attend.
  • Apologia Science, IEW Writing, & Math by are core subjects here.
  • Intimidated about teaching high school Math or Science?  Our teachers take that on for you!  
  • Parents are required to be at co-op with their children but are NOT required to teach.
  • Each family has support jobs such as vacuuming a classroom, cleaning up tables etc.
  • We welcome interested teachers to speak with the MHN Committee!
  • There are 4 one hour class sessions plus lunch and recess.  You choose which classes are right for your children. You do not have to attend all 4 class periods.
  • We meet Mondays from 8am-2pm with additional time in the planning!