Spring Session Registration is now CLOSED

If you are interested in joining MHN for Fall 2016, please contact us.

Below are a couple of classes added for the Spring Session and a brief description of what will be discussed in Geography.

NEW CLASS: 1st Hour~ Art Appreciation with Marla Ellis $30 (supplies list forthcoming)                           We will work with weaving, making a wire sculpture, different styles of drawing and painting, collage, and a mobile. It will be a hands on type of learning.  I don’t expect artists, just want them to have fun and give it a good try, and maybe a little understanding of what different type of art styles played in history.

NEW CLASS: 2nd Hour ~ IEW "Beginning/Intermediate" Writing with Ruth Hick-Daugherty $20

This class is for students, especially those new to IEW, who would like to get the basics of IEW down pat. This would be great for any of the "Beginning IEW" students who are ready for a bit more of a challenge, as well as those "Intermediate IEW" students who may be finding they need a little extra help.

Geography with Diane Smith $35

We will study South America during the Spring Session. Please contact Diane at dijan4@hotmail.com if you were not in geography class this past fall but would like to join for the spring session.

Spring Session: February 1st-April 25th

Spring Break: april 4-8